• Saturday, 3 October, 2020
    8:45 AM  -  9:30 AM
    Registration & Breakfast
    9:25 AM 
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    9:45 AM  -  10:35 AM
    Cyber Crime
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    10:35 AM  -  11:05 AM
    Morning Tea
    11:05 AM  -  11:55 AM
    BREAKOUT: UK Tax Update
    Milton Room (Level -1)
    This session will update delegates on recent changes in UK tax, concentrating on areas relevant to SMEs; this session will also include information about changes being implemented from April 2020.
    11:05 AM  -  11:55 AM
    Fraud Update for Accountants
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    Our awareness of fraud may be greater through news and press coverage, but statistics show that the problem is still there with new scams appearing all the time. Fraud, or the use of deception to dishonestly acquire a personal gain, is a global problem affecting economies, businesses and individuals. Bribery, corruption, identity fraud, tax evasion, and investment scams are all examples of fraudulent activities. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in 2019 the most common weakness that contributed to fraud in the Accounts & Finance Department was a lack of internal controls particularly in relation to people & technology. Fraud in not a victimless crime and today many successful frauds are hard to detect so it is critical that staff at all levels have a basic knowledge of how these schemes work and how to recognise the warning signs before it is too late!
    11:55 AM  -  12:50 PM
    Emotional Intelligence and Unconscious Bias
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    Your brain is a wonderful servant but a lousy master. Studies show that those with high EI have better relationships with themselves, clients and colleagues. Unlock a super charged positive mindset with Conference favourite, Matthew Davies. Plus Matt gives some top tips to break free from unconscious bias.
    12:50 PM  -  1:45 PM
    2:10 PM  -  3:00 PM
    Insolvency Investigation
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    Recent National Statistics disclose that company insolvencies have increased to their highest levels since 2013, with 1 in 238 companies entering liquidation in 2019, and UK businesses will continue to face economic headwinds into 2020. Whilst the impact will differ between sectors and industries, members may find themselves dealing with distressed and insolvent businesses more frequently. Providing insight into what happens after the point of insolvency, the session will explore the insolvency investigation process, potential claims that can be pursued by an Insolvency Practitioner, directors duties and the practical application of recent case studies and decisions.
    2:10 PM  -  3:00 PM
    BREAKOUT: Stress Management
    In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. It's been said that it's not stress that kills us, it's our reaction to it. Learn the secrets to help you and your team to manage stress in the workplace.
    3:00 PM  -  3:10 PM
    True or False
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    3:10 PM  -  3:55 PM
    UK Economic Update
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    Joint Conference regular Ross Walker will covering the big UK Economic themes for 2020 and recap his 2019 predictions.
    4:00 PM  -  4:25 PM
    Afternoon Tea
    4:30 PM  -  5:20 PM
    Motivational Speaker: Benedict Allen
    Wren & Shakespeare Suite
    SUCCEEDING IN THE JUNGLE – How To Triumph In A Competitive World Benedict differs from most explorers in that he lives for months at a time with remote tribes, learning their survival techniques. He takes nothing into these communities - no equipment, maps or compasses - throwing himself on the mercy of the people he encounters. He has come close to death on many occasions, not least his well-publicised journey to Papua New Guinea which saw him struck with malaria and caught between warring factions.Benedict demonstrates the qualities necessary to succeed and survive - including personal motivation, risk-taking and the ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances.
    5:20 PM  -  5:30 PM
    Conference Closing Speech
    5:30 PM  -  8:30 PM
    Drinks, Networking and Entertainment
    Prize draws and Casino tables